This Weeks Happenings


Well we have been busy and for a new organisation it’s exciting to have enthusiastic students, both young and not so young, hopefully all leaving with a good feeling.  Hanging around animals is a time wasting pastime – but a such worthwhile one!

Riders have worked that ring hard this week – the horses always end up the stars though.  Chippy is feeling the stress apparently judging by this pic of her on Wednesday afternoon between sessions! chippy stressedShuffle is learning how to jump!  Now as a ‘forward going’ horse, who has such a pretty gait, she is a natural to the ‘show jumping circuit’, but it should also be noted that Red, Chippy and Lady have all taken their turn at the cavaletti (yellow and blue painted Laser spars lifted a few inches off the ground!) over the past couple of weeks.  None however have quite achieved the ‘look’ of our Shuffle…

Dr. Laura was a welcome visitor on Tuesday afternoon attending to Storm (with a runny nose) and Mento and Joey for a spot of dentistry.  All passed with flying colours, but the small amount of tranquilizer administered to Mento was just too much for him and he was found snoozing with his head resting on his stable door 20 minutes later! mento asleep

Riders both grownup and teenage have also taken to the trails this week as you can see here. trail back

This pic however of the same girls may look a little confusing to the uninitiated – something is definitely wrong here…backwards


Thanks to my ‘helpers over the past couple of weeks’ The Holmes and Broderick families are without doubt making themselves invaluable to the smooth running of the Centre.  A special mention should go to Matty Holmes who Chippy relies on as her ‘coach’, when she has those moments of frustration and needs a cowboy to put her straight again!!

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