The Funny Farm!

Affectionately nicknamed the above by a few, its often a very appropriate name… A selection of examples from this week;

malteser eating

Malteser just back from Riteway…


  • Two of the bunnies – Malteser and M&M live in a big enclosure and spend their evenings doing major excavation work so that I can put it all back the next morning.  Some days they have dug deep enough to undermine the logs – often wonder why I have never come across a squashed rabbit – but I guess they know about this stuff as born burrowers!
    A couple of mornings ago I watched M&M in her hole that she had obviously been carefully working on for hours – just her brown butt was poking out as a steady stream of dirt flew from under her industrious legs.  The only hitch to this construction plan was Malteser sitting on top of the pile of new earth, frantically kicking it back in the hole!!  He was literally covering her as she tried to reach new depths..!
  • egg face tortoise Anyone got a napkin?  Victor the tortoise enjoying egg mayonnaise for lunch…
    Duck eggs I may add!


  • Talking about ducks, they say “any port in a storm”, but we have one desperately broody duck it seems.  She has been seen more than once, mating with a rooster!!!!
    He has to go!
    And she needs counselling…


  • Not sure if other riding centres have a barn cat in the arena, with the horses and riders, winding his way between the horses legs while they are doing their stuff..?
    Its slightly disconcerting, but if he thinks he is a horse that explains the lack of dead rats around here!




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