Best Ride Ever (Horseback Ride I mean…) – Grownups, Come out of the Closet!



If you didn’t go horse riding this Easter Monday morning, then you sooo… missed out.

The horses on form, interested and fit, the sun shining, an hour’s non-stop ride with BVI views and only touching 500 yards of road.  Walking, trotting and cantering on horses that are happy to swap the lead, and who retain their individual personalities just enough for you to pick the type of ride you feel up to.

Come on all you ‘horse people’ I know you are out there, we can make it as easy or as labour intensive as you want, but you have to come out of the closet..!

Make a commitment – book a ride next weekend, you will be so pleased you did…

Children are riding all week, they are getting lots of ‘pony time’ in.

Grownups – you are losing out!!

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