Another week and so many ‘firsts’


It’s poster paint.

We named the 3 young Tortoises last week – or rather Millie did.  Tic, Tac and Toe seem to work quite nicely.

Chippie is often the guardian of the smallest rider. But will not be taken lightly when it comes to going over the cavaletti.


IMG_2065 IMG_2072

This young man was determined to get up close to all our ‘Pets Corner’ buddies.

Mento who has been on extended medical leave, likes to interact with the Bunnies too!

IMG_2051More and more young and adult riders are gaining confidence and spending time outside the ring.  IMG_2046

The horses are learning too. Working for a living can be a little tough going at times but picnics are very cool!


Snoozing between jobs is catching on as well…

storm sleep

Check out the bottom lip!


Just a quick lay down while no one is looking?


“Man, that human had me running around. I just cant cope any more..!”

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