Storm Warning

There’s a really great Bonnie Raitt song called that, but I digress. Battening down the hatches at the ‘Funny Farm’ is always good for a puzzle of who likes who, or rather who won’t eat who….IMG_2830

Mento of course has a permanent bedroom laid out for him everyday, storm preparation nights he shares the barn with cats and kittens, bunnies, tortoises and Jamie the donkey. We figured the ducks would be okay – as long as they stand head to wind like seabirds do (actually not sure Muscovy Ducks know how to do that, should have briefed them on that one!)  Anyway they are pretty fat they won’t blow too far…

The herd are out on the hill, they have the choice of hanging out in the ‘Enchanted Forest’ or coming down and taking advantage of the barn eaves for some shelter.  Our new charges ‘The Fab 5’, who we will introduce properly very soon, are 5 Paso Fino geldings.  All beautiful and all on the hillside within paddocks and under their brand new sheds armed with enough hay and water to see them through .  A storm warning sounds simple really…

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