Welcome to ‘The Fab 5’ our newest family members

You may say the prettiest of the bunch – but I couldn’t possibly comment…  After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s why every horse, pony and donkey is loved equally here at Countryside Adventures (well mostly).

We are delighted to say that Ben, Kid, IMG_2814Fugitive, Winston and Sorbetto have been with us almost two weeks now and are settling into their new home.  IMG_2786The Paso Fino’s belong to Mrs Pam Johnson and had enjoyed over the past 8 years, a drastically improved lifestyle since being rescued by her and her team at Biras Creek, Virgin Gorda. These gorgeous horses are now residing at Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre and to the handful of lucky visitors that have a had a sneak view of the boys, they are VERY popular!IMG_2825

Introducing 5 new geldings to an established herd is not a fast process and we don’t intend to create one huge stampeding group anyway, but meeting and chatting over the fence is an important part of this process. Personalities show through quickly.  The bossy ones, the ones that can reach and get away with a little nip on the new boy’s butt (you know who you are), the mares that flirt with the pretty boys and the ‘old boy’ who just stands and stares at whichever mare he is in love with today.

Over the next couple of weeks we are looking forward to guiding 3 of the newbies around the trails and making them feel at home under saddle.  This breed of horse is renowned for making riding an armchair experience – so there’s no excuse now.  You have to come out and give it a go!! IMG_2810IMG_2855


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