This Months Happenings on the Funny Farm Or, “Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud”

Nothing quite like it for making life really hard on a farm based on the side of a steep hill.  But anyway, funnies and ironies from the past couple of weeks…

‘Penguin’ seen here learning about farms, was dumped on our doorstep last weekend just before a major thunderstorm.  We are hoping she will go to her new home at the weekend, as keeping a very small puppy from under many large hooves is not easy!

Penguin    If you look carefully you will see 5 tortoises and yes, a cat.  Spencer just can’t resist joining in breakfast with the Pets Corner Family…
cat and tortoises


“My lips are verrrrry long I can reach leave it to me…”

 Shuffle and Joey trying to break into the bin full of hay at the top of the hill.


“No let me try, I can twist my neck just far enough to get some…”

tortoise legs

“If I can ….just tip forward a bit more….. and swing my legs a bit longer…. I may make it over the edge….”

My favourite – a young Tortoise on a ‘seesaw’ trying her best to get into the dish!IMG_3172

An excellent ‘Follow my Leader’

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