Wetlands are where I came from… But I left!

Oh wow, I was just checking my facts (that I was already sure of) on Wikipedia and I learnt something new – the word ‘sniper’ comes from the bird!  That is so apt.

So maybe I should go back several steps…

As you can see from the title of this piece we are now designated as, and I quote: “wet marshy settings including bogs and swamps, wet meadows, along rivers and ponds”.  Because no longer is our Snipe; a small wading bird that I used to see frequently on marshes and broads where I was brought up (and left!) on the east coast of England, a very rare, once a year, if we are very  lucky, visitor at Diamond Estate Farm – it’s moved in!jacksnipe_tcm9-18297

So we’ve not got a Hippopotamus yet, but we have wetland wading birds!  Seriously, the Snipe is so shy I see him at least twice a day but no way can I get a pic, he is however, loving the muck heap (which is getting higher fast by the way gardeners).

Our Snipe has it made, ‘wetlands’ due to sooooo much mud EVERYWHERE and a muck heap brimming over with bugs, worms, beetles and other tasty creepy crawlies.

Here’s some other pics from this week’s muddy activities…IMG_3276IMG_3281IMG_3272

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