A Purring Day at the Funny Farm

Its been a funny week.  Life has dried up though, which is soooo wonderful.  The mud, no matter how much humans and horses alike tried to smile through it, was hard going and pretty testing on all of our tempers.  IMG_3595

So we can ride again!  And we have old and young riders back in the saddle, on ponies and horses that got a just a little too used to the lazy days of winter…  Not mentioning any names – Chippy and Lady!

We are active again after school and gearing up for February when we will be offering sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for junior riders.  IMG_3607

Adults, its perfect weather during the day up here on the hill – so come up and get some trail riding in. In fact, I thought it was going to snow this afternoon it was so cold!

If you visit us nowadays, you will be treated more and more often to a view of up to 14 horses, ponies and mini horses, all on the hill – hanging out together.  Its a huge deal to be able to happily put that many personalities together without issues and I am very proud of the more ‘stuck in their ways’ horses who have been here long enough to have a right to stamp their feet, in not doing so and letting the ‘Hillbillies’ graze amongst them! Its pretty cool to be able to look up and see almost every colour and size of horse you could imagine, right there in front of you…  We mustn’t forget Jamie the Donkey who was seen charging around his paddock this afternoon giving a convincing impression of a overgrown rabbit!

Of course the later part of our All Creatures Great and Small menagerie, continue to feature in our day.  My latest foster member is a beautiful kitten I have named ‘Chocolate” (for those that know me that’s not a big surprise!) She is a PAW graduate -so spayed and vaccinated and all the colours, of all the chocolates and caramels, you could dream of.   She is ‘Tortola Siamese’ and sports just one and a half eyes, this only adds to her overall charm!  Still timid, but no longer feral, I am hoping now she is over her tummy issues, she will become tame and go to a loving home.  This afternoon she purred at me for the first time! So if you are looking for a special, young cat watch this space…IMG_3582

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