Valentines Week at the Funny Farm

Our herd dynamics are difficult enough to keep up with nowadays, with 14 horses and ponies mixing together, the soppy, gullible, geldings falling in and out of love with various mares depending on the hormones of the day.

I so am glad horses don’t do ‘Valentines’, as I suspect there would be one almighty punch up!!

Some pics below of this weeks activities.  Its been a long week. Lots of annoying little extra breakdowns, ‘meds’ to issue, blood tests to do, low appetites to pander to and just high maintenance team members.  Must be the change in the season…

But some fun too as always…

Winston and Owen practicing their skills.IMG_3625

Sometimes mechanical transport is best for the girlies.IMG_3649


Spencer has been spending rather extended periods IMG_3644
meditating at the top of the hill.
Not sure why, but then I have never been sure of
anything with that cat!




The pic below is of junior riders out on their own on the trail – that’s a big thing you know! IMG_3631Real Texan’s from Texas rode out on the Hillbillies this weekend – thoroughly enjoying themselves. I wish we didn’t have to forgo our stetsons for riding helmets, they are sooo not cool!!IMG_0310


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