“Its Raining Bluey!”

Just in case we don’t notice that it’s raining, my African Grey Summertime lets us know.  She chats away most of the day, although will go deathly quiet if there are strangers close by.  Like a lot of Greys she is a ‘closet talker’.  I am sure that people just nod and smile when I occasionally boast about my talking parrot, thinking to themselves that I have far too vivid an imagination…

Summer calls my name if she wants my attention – just like you would.  She asks for the food she fancies at the time, if desperate will occasionally put “please” into the request! Occasionally I also get a “thank you”.

She tells the dogs off and knows who is who.  If Beach barks too long she will tell him in a very stern voice that she will put his vibrating collar on!  She sends Spring the Jack Russell out of the room, when she knows it’s her turn to sit on my lap.

It fascinates me that she also knows who’s who on the farm.  If the donkey brays she say’s “ok Jamie” she also knows Mento and will call him by his nickname ‘Mennie’ just as often.IMG_3838

This morning both Mento and Shuffle were being worked, in two different areas within her view of the world.  She referred to both by name, several times during this time.  She has said nothing about them since they have been released to wander up the hill again.

Blue the Macaw, has a greatly scaled down vocabulary of about 4 words, but that doesn’t seem to matter, as he gets his feelings across fairly successfully.  When you hear two birds speaking to each other in plain English – well there are no human words to describe that!

Guests continue to come and and go from the ‘Funny Farm’, especially lately.  We had to sadly say goodbye to the 5 ‘Hillbillies’ who returned to Oil Nut Bay last month.  I miss them still, badly, and so do lots of others, both children and adults that spent time with them.IMG_3872

Tortoises every now and again wander over a gap in the wall and head off for a sabbatical.  They invariably come back, so I have learnt not to panic and of course as long as they avoid large trucks and similar sized dogs, they stay pretty safe.  The latest MIA member of the gang made his way to Horse Path over the past couple of months.  Not a bad effort for someone who’s cruising speed is soooo slow!

We have been honoured to look after two Necker Island residents over the past few weeks – Marley the Umbrella Cockatoo has been hanging out (!) while he is treated by Canines Cats and Critters and this weekend we are also playing host to a gorgeous Toco Toucan.  She is a little under the weather, but a wonderful guest never the less.  Both birds will be returning to their own island in the next few days.IMG_3907

I wonder who we will welcome to the Funny Farm next…

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