Rainy Days and Mondays

Rain is great – our herd drinks hundreds of gallons a week, but it means other issues for horses of course.


Chippy having a snooze on a sunny morning last week.

Mud is slippery – no riding, mud is wet – sticks to grey geldings!  Mud causes hoof worries especially with barefoot thouroughbreds.  But its great to work on the farm with cloud cover, watch the grass grow and listen to the cisterns fill…

The Funny Farm has a finished  Pets Corner finally.  An enclosed area of lawn where the bunnies can run around freely with the tortoises and ducks.  It allows children (and adults) to go through the gate and watch rabbits hop and skip unhindered by hutches and cages.  Some of the feedback I have had from young Mums however, suggests that it may have been more lucrative to let the bunnies out and enclose the children! IMG_4093

So how do you bring your children to visit Pets Corner and meet the ponies?  I am afraid it’s impossible to be open all the time for people to walk in.  The farm is also our home and whilst we are just about always slaving over 39 furred or feathered permanent residents (with often around 5 more guests), there is just the odd time that I need to go clean my teeth or EAT!!

Children under 4 years cannot ride our ponies but are very welcome to say “hi” to them when they come to Pets Corner, as well as Jamie the donkey who is usually on hand to welcome families through the gate.  So email, or call, or text me (notice no Facebook messages) and we can arrange a time for you to visit.  If you can get together with friends who also have young children (or not so young) then its works great as a morning activity – if I know you are coming!

Spencer the foreman has been overseeing the construction and implementation of the project IMG_4006and I did wonder how his feline instincts would react to small, running, bunny rabbits…  He has not been tempted to exert his predator status at all – in fact if I had had a GoPro pointed  in the direction of Pets Corner one morning last week, I would have had the viral video of the year!  A live recording of Spencer the cat as he hurtled over the grass closely pursued by a very small baby bunny, weighing all of 1/2 pound!!!  See baby bunny (Fudge) above!






Activities continue into August at Countryside Adventures.  We offer full or half day programs for juniors on Mondays and Tuesdays and Trail riding and lessons for children and adults at the weekends.  So when August gets too much for you on the beach,  come and spend some time at Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre.






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