Watership Down Tortola


Jamie on his hols.  He’s up the hill during  the August weather, chasing cows!  A change of scenery does us all the power of good this time of year.   Pets Corner is becoming the place to be for small creatures, I find myself spending way too much time watching the interaction between the bunnies, ducks and tortoises.

The rabbits have a warren hierarchy just like our equine team members, as long as you can remember who is safe to be out with who, we avoid too many punch-ups!
IMG_4129A new baby arrived with a load of hay this weekend, she is so very pretty and called ‘Milky Way.’

Spencer continues to be terrorized by ‘Fudge’ the baby bunny that chased him out of Pets Corner a couple of weeks ago.  The pic below is not good quality, but it proves the relationship.  Trust me, Spencer is not about to pounce, he was chastised up there!





Smallest newcomer of all, is ‘Nimrod’ (still trying to find a name but I think this may have stuck now), see below.  He is so delicate Colin has designed him is own private terrarium with stone tiled floor…



So all in all, too hot for all this equestrian energetic stuff, but lazying around in the green grass works!

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