Children’s Care of Animals programme starts December 5th 2016

Does your child LOVE animals?   Then this is for your family!

After school on Mondays beginning December 5th at Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre. img_4255

This programme is for all children over the age of 4 years that simply want to be around furry and feathered friends.

Not everyone wants to learn how to ride a horse, but this doesn’t mean our children have to miss out on the chance to touch, groom, bathe or walk with our ponies.  Jamie the donkey likes hugs too! IMG_8237

Learning about the care and management of all our creatures great and small is a hands-on, educational experience that will help to ensure that the next generations of BVIlanders are more thoughtful and understanding towards both the domestic and wild animals around their home.

Its fun to have bunnies hop and skip by your feet and watch the Red Footed
Tortoises slowly but steadily walk around Pets Corner.  Aesop told that story!

IMG_4042Guests come and go at the Funny Farm – tiny, fluffy kittens – too young to
venture out into the big wide world, adore playing with children!  A tiny hatchling
tortoise – smaller than your child’s hand. ‘Bluey’ the Blue and Gold Macaw will laugh at the children’s jokes!  ‘Summertime’ the African Grey Parrot will say “bye bye” if you are really lucky as you go home… IMG_3649

Students can explore the hillside on foot or by buggy and discover birds, bees and butterflies.   Birds of prey hang, swallows swoop and mongoose play wild, while we swing under a mango tree.

It sounds like a poem, but it is all here, every day and we want to share this special place with many more children than we have already.

Children can learn to help and have fun on the farm in two different groups on
IMG_2803Mondays 5th, 12th and 19th December from 3.30 to 4.30 or from 4.30 till 5.30.

  $15.00 per child per session – $45.00 for 3 weeks.

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