Some of us work – Some of us play

The beginning of 2017 has seen lots of action  and several new faces – both great and small. Some of  these characters are permanent fixtures, some guests of Diamond Estate Farm, but all doing their bit to contribute (or at least so they think) to everyday life at the Funny Farm!


One of the new trainee Barn Cats ‘Eric’ being held hostage by 3 bunnies!!

As ever, stories best told with pictures, but you can perhaps see the workers and their ‘helpers’ and those that prefer to chill, play, eat, climb trees, or sleep…


20170204_125016Elvis as a working track pony, understands that he should put his feed containers away in the morning!

‘Sweetie’ on the other hand, is a Thoroughbred race horse and likes her morning exercise ringside.



Mento loves to ‘help’ as you can see, trouble is when he ‘puts his oar in’ you get knocked overboard!


Barney – Chief Barn Cat after a hard night on duty, likes to pick a spot high in the rafters away from pesky kittens…

Here is ‘Waffle’ trainee #2, waiting for (Storm’s) breakfast 20170219_073628




‘Toffee’ the rabbit can usually be found under his flowerpot during the mid afternoon heat.



This little one is Tandy aka ‘Tiny Terrorist’ the smallest trainee.  She makes up for her lack of height by climbing trees – BIG ONES!



‘Thunder’ the race horse, seen here meeting small humans for the first time.




This is my favourite image of all.  Can you see Tandy and Waffle high in the mango tree?






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