‘Countryside Adventures Unlimited’

How do you ride if you work full time on Tortola?

How do you have time to do something you love for an hour – outdoors – whilst keeping fit – while juggling a young family?

Well we have figured it out.  Our new extended ring is the size of a regulation arena and we are about to light it up!!  The trouble with the tropics is we just don’t get the time after work to indulge in most outdoor pastimes as even in the middle of summer, the sun has suddenly gone at 7.15pm.  sarah sweetie

Now at the Funny Farm we are going to extend the day by flood lighting the arena, allowing you to get away from work and still have more than enough time to ride.

This means that we can offer ‘unlimited riding time’ on a monthly basis including 4 evenings a week to adults that want to saddle-up regularly.20170415_131323DSC_2875

“One monthly fee and you are away.  Its better than owning or ‘sharing’ a horse, as you have a choice of mounts and a turnkey operation… (No mucking out at 5.00am!)”


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