In the immortal words of The Eagles: “Get Over It”…

I try where ever possible to live by the mantra “If you cant think of anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all.”  That and the fact that there is no time to write blogs when you have your head down, concentrating on getting as much done in a day as possible!

Personally I have been struggling for a while with hearing the same stories over and over again about the devastation a year ago. It was unimaginably horrible for all of us, during and after the storm and so much was lost, but its sooooo.. over now.

We cant make the century old trees suddenly grow back and ‘deep pockets’ the best type of resources – we do not have, but we are doing it!  Routines at the Funny Farm have had to change and we have taken on new ‘lodgers’ that had no where else to go, but we are very close to getting the herd back to work and that is an amazing feeling.

Two great friends of Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre had put out appeals for tack on either side of the Atlantic this summer.  While our infrastructure is still missing some vital parts, they both could see that we can work around all of that – but we just couldn’t work around no tack!


So mostly I want to say thank you to Eve and Tizzy, who both, judging by their response levels, have faithful equine friends all over the world.

To those that have read and reacted to their posts;  ”Yes we are still here, we will get back to where we were this time last year very soon.  We are worth supporting as the horses are not going anywhere and you know that they deserve their work routines back.  So thank you for your incredible contributions to our ‘team’.  I promise they wont let you down.”


In the next few days we will be celebrating Christmas early as the tack donations arrive on island.  Then we begin!  If you are local and you have riding experience, we need you to show up and help get the horses and ponies up to speed!

No fees, just volunteers to turn the farm back into a riding centre.  Please let me know… 5422070

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