About the Team

Over the past two years, we have been working hard up the hill, attempting to create a rural activity centre for all the family.  Our equine members have grown in numbers and in many cases – stature over the past months, all the time doing their best to prepare for future visitors and friends to enjoy time with them.

The ponies and horses range from a tiny 9 hands (36 inches) to over 17 hands (that’s pretty big for around here!) all differing in age, experience and background.  However, the common thread between them is their willingness to share their varying personalities, strengths (and a few weaknesses) with those that care to get close.

The farm is also home to smaller animals, our ‘Pets Corner’ is a busy community of rabbits, ducks and tortoises – with frequent visits from a donkey, a barn-cat and the parrots that watch over them – contributing noisily from above.

The humans that ensure food and shelter is at a five star level are headed by Alison Knights Bramble and her husband Colin Bramble, along with a special few ‘horse women’ that have been faithful and patient as they have helped develop the skills and fitness of the herd.

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