Countryside Adventures

Another week and so many ‘firsts’


It’s poster paint.

We named the 3 young Tortoises last week – or rather Millie did.  Tic, Tac and Toe seem to work quite nicely.

Chippie is often the guardian of the smallest rider. But will not be taken lightly when it comes to going over the cavaletti.


IMG_2065 IMG_2072

This young man was determined to get up close to all our ‘Pets Corner’ buddies.

Mento who has been on extended medical leave, likes to interact with the Bunnies too!

IMG_2051More and more young and adult riders are gaining confidence and spending time outside the ring.  IMG_2046

The horses are learning too. Working for a living can be a little tough going at times but picnics are very cool!


Snoozing between jobs is catching on as well…

storm sleep

Check out the bottom lip!


Just a quick lay down while no one is looking?


“Man, that human had me running around. I just cant cope any more..!”

Danny Petrovic’s interpretation of the Country Centre!

Junior Farm Fun..

No need for words, check out the pics..!


DSC_0240 DSC_0236 DSC_0226 DSC_0215 DSC_0209 IMG_1969IMG_1998 IMG_1975 IMG_1956 DSC_0308 IMG_1978  DSC_0286 DSC_0277 DSC_0275 DSC_0272 DSC_0267 DSC_0262

Best Ride Ever (Horseback Ride I mean…) – Grownups, Come out of the Closet!



If you didn’t go horse riding this Easter Monday morning, then you sooo… missed out.

The horses on form, interested and fit, the sun shining, an hour’s non-stop ride with BVI views and only touching 500 yards of road.  Walking, trotting and cantering on horses that are happy to swap the lead, and who retain their individual personalities just enough for you to pick the type of ride you feel up to.

Come on all you ‘horse people’ I know you are out there, we can make it as easy or as labour intensive as you want, but you have to come out of the closet..!

Make a commitment – book a ride next weekend, you will be so pleased you did…

Children are riding all week, they are getting lots of ‘pony time’ in.

Grownups – you are losing out!!

Boats and Horses – not much different really?

So I have had this theory for quite a while – (people just smirk at me and mutter behind their hands), that a sailing centre, to a riding centre, is a pretty smooth crossover.  Teaching a sport or activity is basic technique and being able to break things down into skills, but also being able to remember if you want to keep your students attention and interest – keep it fun.  That’s easy and applies to both disciplines, therefore so far both the equine and nautical worlds are very similar.  Then see what else seems to match: Read More

The Funny Farm!

Affectionately nicknamed the above by a few, its often a very appropriate name… A selection of examples from this week;

malteser eating

Malteser just back from Riteway…


  • Two of the bunnies – Malteser and M&M live in a big enclosure and spend their evenings doing major excavation work so that I can put it all back the next morning.  Some days they have dug deep enough to undermine the logs – often wonder why I have never come across a squashed rabbit – but I guess they know about this stuff as born burrowers!
    A couple of mornings ago I watched M&M in her hole that she had obviously been carefully working on for hours – just her brown butt was poking out as a steady stream of dirt flew from under her industrious legs.  The only hitch to this construction plan was Malteser sitting on top of the pile of new earth, frantically kicking it back in the hole!!  He was literally covering her as she tried to reach new depths..!
  • egg face tortoise Anyone got a napkin?  Victor the tortoise enjoying egg mayonnaise for lunch…
    Duck eggs I may add!


  • Talking about ducks, they say “any port in a storm”, but we have one desperately broody duck it seems.  She has been seen more than once, mating with a rooster!!!!
    He has to go!
    And she needs counselling…


  • Not sure if other riding centres have a barn cat in the arena, with the horses and riders, winding his way between the horses legs while they are doing their stuff..?
    Its slightly disconcerting, but if he thinks he is a horse that explains the lack of dead rats around here!




This Weeks Happenings


Well we have been busy and for a new organisation it’s exciting to have enthusiastic students, both young and not so young, hopefully all leaving with a good feeling.  Hanging around animals is a time wasting pastime – but a such worthwhile one!

Riders have worked that ring hard this week – the horses always end up the stars though.  Chippy is feeling the stress apparently judging by this pic of her on Wednesday afternoon between sessions! chippy stressed Read More

Wild Visitors

A short story of an amazing encounter below, as we have enjoyed the presence of up to 3 Short Eared Owls at the farm over the past 3 months.  They are a little quieter this month and I am told that this almost certainly means that a pair has nested.  So we could have young soon…

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat…

Well my owl and pussycat didn’t actually go afloat, but they did have an interesting few minutes together at the farm after the sun went down a few Fridays ago.  It’s hard to show the world everything that goes on in the country, even with a gopro strapped to your head it’s impossible to express the wonder of impromptu visits from a short eared owl – not too common on Tortola – swooping past our deck after dark (probably two feet away) with a shriek and a “whhoooshh”. Read More

All Creatures Great and Small – Tortola Style

A Country Centre in the heart of ‘Natures Little Secrets’.  Horses, ponies and donkeys share their home with smaller mammals and reptiles making a laid back and pleasant change from the traditional rush of watersports activities  associated with our Caribbean lifestyle.

At Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre you truly can slow down and appreciate the natural fauna and flora of the British Virgin Islands. Whether you choose to use your own two feet or the four feet of one of our equine team is up to you!  This facility is for everyone and whether horses are your passion or you are curious to find out more about these special beings, please come and spend some time with us.The fram_80

NB: Many of the images on this site are thanks to the talents of Eben Meyers