Our teaching groups are very small and this coming autumn term we will split the after school sessions into 4 week periods. So if you would like to book your child a place, don’t wait too long as always, it will be first come first serve basis.  All sessions start week beginning September 7th 2015.

All activities are provided at Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre.  Just below the ridge road a little east of the old ‘Sky Restaurant’, above Joes Hill and opposite ‘Century House Montessori School’.  There is some parking at the entrance to the Centre and lots on the road if this is already taken.  You are in the correct place if there is a large yellow horse on the gate!

Below is a the Autumn Term schedule.  If you or your child would like to take part, booking in advance is necessary but we are very flexible where possible.  you can call or email and if you can’t make a lesson please let us know.

When visiting for any activity please make sure that anyone taking part is already wearing long pants and closed shoes.  We have one or two more rules to keep animals and humans safe and comfy as you would expect, but the only other one to know in advance is that your family pets are not so welcome!!  No dogs please, even left in your car…

Birthday parties are encouraged please ask us about this.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMME sessions start week beginning September 7th 2015.

The ages below are guides – we can be flexible depending on the child and previous experience. The minimum age however is 4 years.

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday Junior Sessions              Max of 3 children per session          

3.30 – 4.15pm                         4yrs and above            Price $30.00 per child per session  ($120.00 per booking)
4.30 – 5.15pm                         4yrs and above            Price $30.00 per child per session  ($120.00 per booking)
5.30 – 6.15pm                         4yrs and above            Price $30.00 per child per session  ($120.00 per booking)


Lessons are available from 9.30 onwards. 45 minutes – $30.00 per child.

‘Diamond Pony Club’                        7 to 10 years  11.30 – 1.00pm           Max of 6 children in a groupIMG_0884

The beginnings of horsemanship – from the beginning! Learn how to look after your pony, groom, prepare feed, handle on lead rein, tack-up, and ride!          $45.00 per child per session

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