Meet Everyone!

I could write a book – but I wont!
Here are some ‘bio’s’ of our team to help you get to know who lives at Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre…


STORM – The ‘alpha mare’ of the herd.  The largest of the mares but also the quietest until riled by a lesser member of the herd hierarchy!

The other horses all bow to her judgement – or else! With riders she is calm and patient.  She is one of our ex-race horses and by all accounts fast in her time.  Nowadays she enjoys the peace and quiet of the hillside usually at a walk as she majestically oversees her charges.

LADY – A black pony probably in her late teens, who hailed we believe, from Virgin Gorda.  She is a sweetheart, relaxed with beginners and clever at ensuring that first time riders feel secure.  She is very fit and is happy to pick up the pace with riders who feel the same. In the herd hierarchy she is sometimes put upon – but takes it all in her stride.  When its time to  come down for breakfast or supper she is often seen waiting for her moment, then challenging one of the geldings to a downhill race.  She always wins!Lady race

SHUFFLE – A special girl around 10 years old and actually born on the hill!  She has the well built shape of a The fram_24thoroughbred that is an ‘easy keeper’ but very is switched on when its time to work!  Shuffle is not used for beginners and maintains a lively persona with her regular riders… However she is the gentlest horse of all to those that want to say “hello” or groom her bay coat.20150620_141451DSC_0061

CHOCOLATE CHIP – Affectionately referred to by all as ‘Chippie’, its tough to not fall in love with an Appaloosa pony IMG_0300 (2)as cute as this one!  A favourite with young riders, she is small but strong, patient with lead rein rides, but also responsive to children as they learn to head out on their own. Like all our team she appreciates being talked to while being ridden too!  She is Mum to ‘Squirt’, our shortest member of the herd.chippy chase

SQUIRT – Couldn’t name him anything else!  36 inches high and rather wide, he is just a youngster at about 4 years  and as all youngsters do – he gets away with everything!
Short enough to walk under our tallest horses IMG_0887but like his mother strong and learning to carry the smallest children carefully on his back. Nicknamed ‘Hippo’ due to his rather extensive girth, he will attempt to eat anything.  He especially enjoys a sip or two of cold coffee in the mornings…

MENTO – The newest and tallest member of the team, a stunning grey, newly gelded, 5 year old.  A true ‘off the track mentothoroughbred’, he has an incredible pedigree including Seattle Slew’ as a Granddaddy and ‘Holy Bull’ as Dad.  If this means nothing to you then don’t worry, you can’t help but be impressed by his beauty and gait.  Currently being introduced to ‘farm life’ he is retraining to understand the freedom of space around him and riders that are more interested in precision and comfort than the fastest gallop…

JOEY AND RED- Both permanent guests but very much a part of the herd
and its complicated hierarchy. These boys are owned by good friends of Diamond Estate Farm and are proving steady and enjoyable trail horses as well as being perfect for schooling riders young and old. Like brothers they have always lived together, but now they enjoy their places in a larger family.IMG_8250


RICKY MARTIN – Known to all as simply ‘Ricky’, is the oldest and most fragile of the herd.  He is a true ‘miniature horse’ and as a palomino looks extremely pretty rickywhen his blonde locks are groomed out. Ricky has retired from active service, (although convinced he’s is still a stallion) his role in life is to boss Lady around and look pretty!


JAMIE – is a donkey! On his own right now, but hoping for a lady friend sometime in the future.  He hails from Belle Vue which is towards the east of Tortola.  We gather this from the

IMG_0434time when he decided to take a vacation from Diamond Estate and walked the whole way in one day and then stayed for a week before we found him and persuaded him that the grass is not always greener… The image is off him taking in the view on the way home!


EENY, MEENY, MINY and MOE – are Muscovy ducks that waddle around Pets Corner chuckling to each other. They stay in formation no matter what, just like the Red Arrows!  We are never quite sure however, who is Eeny and who is Meeny or for that matter who is Miny and Moe!!

MALTESER, M&M, MARSH MELLOW, POLO AND MINT – Sounds like a sweet shop doesn’t it, but actually they are all rabbits.  All soft and cute and with their own favourite fruit at dinner time. They have large enclosures and playtime out in ‘The Burrow’ when visitors come. IMG_1734

VICTOR AND CLYDE – are very old Red Footed Tortoises.  They have been around for decades and spend the majority of their elderly days sleeping.  They do however, come out in the afternoon sun to bask and graze for a while.  As we all know not the fastest movers on the farmtortoise, but you would be surprised what kind of ground they can cover when you turn your back for a few minutes!

3 YOUNG TORTOISES – That don’t have names yet (not good really!) they are about IMG_17035 years old and we think, may well be all ladies – but maybe too early to tell.  These very cute 6 -7 inch long tortoises came from Little Thatch one of the smallest of the British Virgin Islands.  These fascinating reptiles are still in abundance there and we are hoping that one day we will see eggs and baby Red Foots wandering around Pets Corner…

BARNEY THE BARN CAT – was very wild, now he likes cuddles way too much!  Barney
Employed to keep the rat and mice population at bay – we are unsure lately whether Barney has totally grasped this concept…

SPENCER AND BB – Barn cats in training.  Barney has taught them all he knows and now he sits back and watches the new kids on the block catch rats (albeit small ones!)IMG_2899

SUMMERTIME AND BLUE – are our beautiful feathered friends.  Summer, a chatty African Grey Parrot whoIMG_1354
understands how to demand her favourite foods and always asks if “I am okay?” when she sits on my lap in the evenings.
Blue is a stunning Yellow and Blue Macaw who has less vocabulary than Summer, but makes up for this in volume..!IMG_1360

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