Countryside Adventures

Wild Visitors

A short story of an amazing encounter below, as we have enjoyed the presence of up to 3 Short Eared Owls at the farm over the past 3 months.  They are a little quieter this month and I am told that this almost certainly means that a pair has nested.  So we could have young soon…

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea, in a beautiful pea-green boat…

Well my owl and pussycat didn’t actually go afloat, but they did have an interesting few minutes together at the farm after the sun went down a few Fridays ago.  It’s hard to show the world everything that goes on in the country, even with a gopro strapped to your head it’s impossible to express the wonder of impromptu visits from a short eared owl – not too common on Tortola – swooping past our deck after dark (probably two feet away) with a shriek and a “whhoooshh”. Read More


All Creatures Great and Small – Tortola Style

A Country Centre in the heart of ‘Natures Little Secrets’.  Horses, ponies and donkeys share their home with smaller mammals and reptiles making a laid back and pleasant change from the traditional rush of watersports activities  associated with our Caribbean lifestyle.

At Diamond Estate Farm and Country Centre you truly can slow down and appreciate the natural fauna and flora of the British Virgin Islands. Whether you choose to use your own two feet or the four feet of one of our equine team is up to you!  This facility is for everyone and whether horses are your passion or you are curious to find out more about these special beings, please come and spend some time with us.The fram_80

NB: Many of the images on this site are thanks to the talents of Eben Meyers