Images of our Horse and Pony Show 2015 by Virgin Portraits

20150620_140945DSC_0034 20150620_141152DSC_0045 20150620_141011DSC_0038 20150620_140640DSC_0015 20150620_155558DSC_0314 20150620_151605DSC_0294 20150620_151234DSC_0261 20150620_151044DSC_0243 20150620_150911DSC_0235 20150620_144113DSC_0232 20150620_144000DSC_0222 20150620_143643DSC_0200 20150620_142730DSC_0151 20150620_142649DSC_0148 20150620_142454DSC_0124 20150620_142134DSC_0096 20150620_141451DSC_0061 20150620_151204DSC_0256 20150620_143810DSC_0215 20150620_142021DSC_0086 20150620_151521DSC_0282 20150620_141222DSC_0048 20150620_141253DSC_0053

One Comment on “Images of our Horse and Pony Show 2015 by Virgin Portraits

  1. What gorgeous photos! Anyone looking at them who couldn’t come to the show will be kicking themselves that they missed so much fun.
    It’s handy to have a sister who is such an amazing photographer as Amanda.


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